Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe Review and Buying Guide
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Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe Review and Buying Guide

Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe Review and Buying Guide

Nike is the most preferred sports shoe and trainer brand. It is also the brand that is used and recommended by many sports personalities. Nike Tanjun is a very popular low profile trainer shoe. These are liked by many people as is one of the most affordable trainers sold in the market.

This is a must-have if you are looking for a good pair of trainers for your everyday workout. That is why we have gathered the reviews of Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe for you. This is reviewed based on the black color Nike Tanjun shoe.

Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe Review: Why use it

Nike Tanjun is well-known for manufacturing shoes that are comfortable, durable and serve the purpose of the creation. The Tanjun range from Nike is a low profile trainer that is known for ultimate comfort. It was released in the year 2015 after being inspired by Nike’s Roshe trainer shoes. The major features of this shoe are that it is more comfortable and lightweight than the previous one. Also, Tanjun in Japanese means simplicity, this shoe just amazing like its description.

The Nike Tanjun shoes are available in multiple color options. This is the best choice for everyday casual wear. This goes absolutely with any outfit that can be used by both men and women. The comfortable training shoes have opted for your daily running, walking or treadmill workout routine. The design looks simple and the material is breathable too. It has got a good shock absorption capacity which keeps you safe all day. These are the perfect shoes for daily and casual wear.

Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe Review: Things we like

These Nike Tanjun Treadmill shoes are not only lightweight but they are water resistant too. This means you can even wear them during cold mornings or rainy days. With so many colors to choose from, you can match them with your outfit every day. This makes you look cool, comfortable and semi-formal at the same time. Overall the shoe has features like durability, shock absorption, water resistance, flexibility and weightless. All this comes to you at a very affordable price.

The material used on the top of the shoe is a diamond grid mesh. The color of this is chosen according to the color of the sole. This makes the shoe extremely lightweight. The seamless upper mesh has no stitching too, that guarantees the durability of the shoe for a long time. This also enhances the overall look of the shoe. The material is breathable and is very comfortable to wear. The sole is constructed using the EVA foam which is again a lightweight material. Nike has added its flex grooves for the outer sole to make completely flexible.

On the underneath, there is an ample amount of cushioning and shock absorption properties. So it is perfect for running in marathons or on a treadmill. Also, you need not to worry about having a sweaty foot after long hours of work out. The mesh material has maximum ventilation to keep your feet cool all the time. It is good to note that these shoes are suitable only for roads, treadmill or pavement. The lightweight design is not ideal for rough terrains. This reduces the durability of the material. Otherwise, the durability of the shoe is guaranteed for a long time.

This is a great choice for runners because of the midsole cushioning. This increases the responsiveness of the shoe assisting you to push forward with every step. The drop of this Nike Tanjun treadmill shoe is relatively high giving complete projection against impact. The lower traction is covered along the entire feet that make the design stable. The shoe as a whole gives you good protection on the lower end with EVA foam. Running involves high risks of getting injured, so Nike has added a padded heel collar to support the ankle.

When compared to Nike Roshe, this shoe is cheaper and is also stronger. The available colours are plenty including black, navy, red, orange, white and wolf grey. The monochromatic color along with Nike’s signature logo completes the look. Along with the standard sole, the shoe is simple and elegant. This shoe supports the multi directional movement and is at the same time very comfortable. Although it does not have any advanced technology used, the shoe satisfies all requirements of a good quality running shoe. Finally, the Nike Tanjun a minimalistic design with wonderful features ideal for running.

Nike Tanjun Treadmill Shoe Review: Things we don’t like

Having seen several benefits of Tanjun, there are not that many disadvantages. One thing that happens to be a drawback is the overall stability of the shoe. The EVA foam does keep your foot in place but the upper mesh is too light that affects the stability. Also, the lower traction of Nike Tanjun wears out very quickly. With regular running or walking, the traction power slowly comes down. The durability becomes questionable in case you use it in rocky terrains. In the beginning, the shoe may seem tight because of the narrow design. After a few times, they might fit your foot in a better way.

Final conclusion
The Nike Tanjun Treadmill shoe is a complete winner for all the features in such a low price tag. The lightweight design is a big attraction for all the Nike fans looking for a good pair of trainers. The durability is not a problem when the shoe is used only according to its function. When they are maintained well, they will surely last long. The monochromatic color and minimalistic design is a big plus point for these shoes. The breathability of the shoe makes you feel like you are walking on air. You can now flaunt a semi-formal look with ease. This is the finest choice for people who are looking for a nice pair of shoes for regular use. Additionally, it is also stylish and affordable.

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