How to create a Pull Up Bar at home: Simple Guide
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How to create a Pull Up Bar at home: Simple Guide

How to create a Pull Up Bar at home: Simple Guide

Pull-up is good for upper-body training. It involves a lot of work for the upper body parts like shoulder, arms and chest. As we go to gyms, we can see there is a pull-up bar that is very necessary for heavy weight-lifters for upper-body training. But most people don’t have the money, time or both to go to the gym for their well-being. But it is quite easy to establish a little gym in their home. Now, we will explain how you can create a pull-up bar at your home.

A wood doorway is the best place to put the bar providing you with a pull up whenever necessary or whenever you get free from your jobs or when you pass through the same. You can add it your regular habit that whenever you pass through the door, you should do 15 pull-ups. It is very helpful for mental and physical health.

Benefits of Pull-ups

It increases the strength of the hands of a person.
You feel mentally energetic.
It helps in losing weight too.
Your back gets strong by doing pull-ups daily.

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How to create a Pull Up Bar at home: Step by Step Guide

Ceiling: Using a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 – inch engulfed or otherwise secured to your ceiling, these pull-up bars can be a simple construction or incorporate multiple grip options to stimulate gym equipment.

Over the Doorway

Step 1: Try and look at the doorway that whether it is in a good situation, free from holes and manufacture defects or not. As we know that we are going to put our weight on the pull-up bar, so the place where we are going to install the bars will have to be in a perfect condition.

Step 2: We need to start measuring the breadth of the door and then apply cut of a one-inch length of the desired object at the length of the door subtracting 0.25 inch. When we do not have the desired tools to cut the rod such as a saw, then we can acquire it from the nearby hardware outlets.

Step 3: Keep measuring the four-inch right from the bottom on both the upwards sides of the door and then mark with the help of marking tools like pencils or like with permanent markers a marking of four inches.

Step 4: Set up a flange which is U shaped against the door, with the top of it meeting the mark that we have made previously on the side. We have to make sure that you drive at least of one and a half inch holes with the help of screws on the flange which is facing upwards so that the flange is secured to the best of your knowledge.

Now we have to repeat this step on the opposite side of the door. We, now, have two flanges which are U shaped on another section of the door at the same level from the top.

Step5: Now slide the metal pipes inside the flanges and make sure the pipe used gets completely rested on the “U-shaped” structure.

Tips you need to know for Creating Pull Up Bar at Home

We need to check the pull-up bar carefully before we are going to use it with the full body weight. The question is how are we going to implement this? The answer is, hang from the pull-up bars while keeping your feet on the floor and obviously test for yourself that the flanges are not loose or appearing to be coming out of the door. You should also check for the desired metal object whether it will break if you put your entire body weight on it or not.

Things you’ll need

Tape measure
Power Saw
Metal pipe, 1-inch thick
2 U-shaped flanges with 1 – inch holes
1.5 inch screws
A Drill machine

Best pull-up Bars for Home

You can buy pull-up bars for your home and can set this on any perfect position. This will be comfortable for you as it can be arranged perfectly. Some of the Best pull up bars are-

JoyFit is the manufacturer of Pull-up bars. They manufacture pull-up bars for both men and women. You can buy Pullup Bars, Chinup Bars Wall Mount with Four Grip Positions and Multi Grip for Home, Gym for Men & Women from JoyFit with the affordable price of Rs 1799 only. You can perfectly use this pull-up bars at your home. These are safe and strong.

Kore K-WM is the manufacturer of pull-up bars. You can order for Wall Mounting Chin Up Bar with Solid One Piece Construction Bar and Ab Straps Fitness Combo with the price of Rs 1069 only. These pull-up bars take less space and you can comfortably do exercise on these.

GOCART is the manufacturing brand of pull-ups. They made all type of pull-ups. You can buy Carbon Steel Doorway Chin and Pull up Door Frame Mount Exercise Fitness Workout Bar with the price rate of Rs 599 only. This is a very easy tool to do exercise without discomfort.

SpotsFitt is making Steel Solid Construction Bar Chin Up Bar for Workout, Fitness Perfect Upper Body Exercise Equipment for home. You can use these pull-up bars at your home. This is very affordable in price rate of Rs 499 only.


As we have seen that it is very important to do exercise. Sometimes you do not want to go to the gym rather you prefer to do exercise at home. For this, you can set pull-up bars at home. There are a different type of pull-up bars like for chin, for upper body, or many more. You can buy these pull-up bars from any online site or can go to the market where you will get these pull-up bars.

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