Best Weight Vests 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide
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Best Weight Vests 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Best Weight Vests 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Every athlete worth his mettle knows that training with weights is an important part of a productive work out session. For any person to resourcefully drop the fat and in its place get the right kind of muscle, needs to focus on formulating an exacting blend of strength and cardio training. Weight Vests allow the user to get a higher rate of success from their workouts. Many surveys and studies have proved that the performance and the ability to warm up with the inclusion of a weight vest has borne excellent results, especially if one is participating in a competition. Many trainers have sworn that Weighted Vests are found to be helpful in ensuring an appropriate warm-up before indulging in any sports activity. Such vests have incorporated a new element of dynamism in the arena of sports and training. Usage of weighted vests adds a new dimension to the training process of a person and is a stark departure from the old stagnant warm-up exercises.

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Top 10 Weight Vests Ratings, Pros & Cons

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

This Weighted Vest is intended to give the user an additional weight of twelve pounds to their strength and cardio parts of their work out. The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is designed in a manner that it will improve the agility, speed and power of the user. It comes with many features which are all aimed at making the experience as useful and minimalist as possible. Some of the special characteristics are – a pocket for securing items such as cell phones and other electronic gadgets, stripes which serve as reflectors for all the night runners out there and another unique feature is temperature control. Another feature that increases the marketability of these vests is that it is made of neoprene, a breathable material which aims at giving as much comfort as possible. This vest if one size fits all.

Verdict: This Weighted Vest does have benefits which outweigh its cons. However, there are certain underlying imperfections. Firstly, the size can be a problem depending on the body type of the user. It would best suit a person who is sized M, but be on the lighter side if the person is plus size or has a broad back. At the same time, for a person who has a small build, this Vest may be loose and bump a lot during exercise. Secondly, while the pockets provide easy storage of gadgets, it isn't sized to accommodate large things, like a big cell phone. It may be a convenient place to keep things the size of a pair keys, but for other things, a certain amount of creativity may be required. Even then, the Vest would be a valuable addition to a person's workout/warm-up session.

  • Reflector Stripes allows easy night running
  • Pockets are a handy feature of the Vest and allow easy storage.
  • The material is aimed at giving as much comfort as possible.

  • Chemicals in the Vest are known to cause reproductive and cancer defects harm.
  • It has a tendency to cause rub burns.
  • The pockets are too small to contain contemporary cellular phones.

RUNFast Max Pro Weighted Vest


The RUNFast Max Pro Weighted Vest is made for the fitness fanatics who are out and about looking new avenues to augment their usual cardio routine. This Vest comes with detachable weights and allows you to regulate your exercises accordingly. It comes with add on weights varying from 12 to 60 pounds which can be removed at the behest of the user. These weights are designed using the ore of Iron which is said to be the heaviest of its kind. This Vest is one size fits all; that is, it has a universal size. The price of the product varies depending on the number of weights used.

Verdict: Detachable weights are a unique feature of this Vest. It is a good investment for a novice who can work their way up and regulate their workout sessions accordingly. It goes without saying that it gives a certain amount of convenience and proves to be of economic value. The only problem that arises is with regards to the ‘universal' size of this vest. It proves to be a problem for persons who fall at the extreme ends of the pole, that is, either too large or too small. As of now, it is ironically most suited for persons who already have a fit physique.

  • Detachable weights.
  • Comfortable material which allows the body to breathe.
  • Contains two straps which allow a more secure and snug fitting.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Comes with additional pockets.

  • Impose too much weight on the shoulder.
  • Sizing may be a problem for petite or plus-sized persons.
  • Might have a distinct smell which might be uneasy but can be fixed.

Everlast Weighted Vest


The Everlast Weighted Vest presents some attractive avenues for a person looking to incorporate ease, comfort and convenience in their training session. This Vest has been fashioned in a way that aims to increase flexibility and eliminate any inconvenience like ill-fitting etc. It is made of a combination of sand and ore of iron which focuses on bringing stability to your torso and back. It also has adjustable body straps which can be used to accommodate any and all sizes and body shapes. It is mostly available at an economical price.

Verdict: This Vest is most definitely an economical buy. It allows the convenience of comfort during an intense training session. The adjustable straps ensure complete user satisfaction, unlike other Vests which may prove to be tricky in terms of a good fitting – which is the end all of all workout sessions. The textured panels also ensure that the weights stay where they are and go a long way in preventing any injury sustained while working out. The only drawback that it has is that it does not have detachable weights and nothing can be done in case a user wishes to adjust it. Many market surveys also show that the product may have issues regarding its durability in the long run.

  • Adjustable straps are styled to ensure the needs of all bodies are accommodated.
  • Textured panels keep the Vest from moving around a lot.
  • Ensures an efficient training session.
  • Adds a good deal of resistance to the workout.
  • Easy to put on.

  • Non-detachable weights.
  • Less durable in comparison to other Vest.
  • Shoulder pads a little heavier.

Cross 101 Adjustable



Cross 101 Adjustable is an ideal buy for those users who can no longer see the results from their usual relied upon Vests – probably because they have gotten used to it and it is therefore of no use. This Vest is useful because it places the weight around a persons’ torso and back. It comes equipped with 10 weights of four pounds, thereby allowing a person to exercise on their pace depending on how much weight can be handled by them. The adjustable straps also play a key role in ensuring that everybody type gets snug and good fitting. This vest is absolutely worth its price when it comes to its use.

Verdict: The Cross 101 Adjustable Vest is ideal for strength training. The attached weights help in increasing the muscles of the upper body and shoulder region. Adjustable straps ensure that it has a universal fitting. However, the material may cause rub burns from any kind of dynamic exercise routine. On the whole, this Vest is a good investment and a capital addition to the user's workout session.

  • Weights are designed using ore of iron.
  • Adjustable weights.
  • Good for strength, cross and any other kind of training.
  • Removal of the weights is possible.
  • Great for Crossfit.
  • Sturdy construction.

  • It is slightly above the economical price.
  • May cause rub burns.
  • More useful for strength training.
  • Vest somewhat bulky.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest




The CAP Weighted Vest is among the top class of the fitness gears produced by the CAP brand. It adds a new dimension to the training and workout session of the user. The weighted exercise vest gives ample resistance in cases of various training and sports activities. The product has a unique feature which allows universality in terms of usage by persons – that is to say that it can be used by both men and women. It is offered in two categories in terms of weight, twenty and fifty pounds. It allows a diverse usage of the product whereby a person can indulge in various different physical activities such as running, rope climbing, push-ups etc.

Verdict: This Vest is a good buy for a person on a budget. It has a breathable material which allows a person comfort during a workout. It is fairly easy to use the product. The variety of weights caters to a large category of users. The adjustable straps are an attractive addition to the Vest, allowing a diverse audience to use it. The only drawback is that it may have the tendency to bounce at times if a person is running.

  • Allows unhindered movement during exercise.
  • Easy to use.
  • Economical.
  • Adjustable as per body size.
  • Good design quality.
  • Guidelines are included.

  • The vest may bounce due to movement.
  • Setting up of the straps may be a bit confusing.
  • Hard to get replacement weights.

Mir Adjustable Weighted Vest




The Mir Adjustable Weighted Vest is perhaps among the few which is worth the money. It is an investment in terms of he features, styles, and designs. The unique characteristics have been fashioned in a way to ensure that all needs of the user are catered to. It is made to accommodate a diverse variety of workouts. It has a smooth material and the form easily contours to the body of the user.

It has been designed as a part of the new series of 2010, wherein the company developed the Vest with the intent to incorporate ease in the process of training, working out and exercises – all of which are common in case of doing activities which require the element of resistance in an exercise. It ensures that this transition is effortless and efficient so that the changes in the form maintained can be easily done. Further, the compact style ensures an easy style of training especially in terms of cross fitness activities.

The MiR pro weighted vest can most definitely walk the walk and talk the talk. In terms of its design, quality, price range and various other features, it definitely delivers and more. This vest allows a user to maintain good form and ensure a good performance in terms of exercise and training, especially while doing various different activities such as running, jogging, push-ups, ring dips etc. It is adequately suitable for all types of activities, be it running or weight lifting. It goes without saying that the developers, Mir, have designed their best to cater to varied and diverse situations, ranging from polymeric exercises to the general routine training sessions.

Verdict: If users are hoping to aim for working out session to increase their level of stamina and staying power, then this adjustable weighted vest is unsurpassed for that goal.

  • Contours easily to the body.
  • Adequate distribution of weight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pleasing design.
  • Comfortable to wear.

  • Thick weights can be a hassle.
  • Shoulder straps may be inconvenient.
  • Can cause rub burns.
  • Complicated to set up.

V-Force Weight Vest

The V- Force Weight Vest is the best that there is. It is equipped with a compact design and has multiple pockets which allow increased weight support during intense workout sessions. While it has a basis weight of fifty pounds, it allows the attachment of an additional twenty-five pounds. They are designed to be unisex and cater to almost all shapes and sizes. It also comes with padding in the rights places which does not cause a hindrance in the movement. It is sweat resistant and absorbs moisture. It regarded as most suitable when there are atmospheric issues.

Verdict: The V force weight vest is the best persons who are keen about their fitness. It aids in allowing the user to train with ease. It is indisputably durable and even boasts of a lifetime warranty. Owing to the top class material used, it is obviously priced a little above the average.

  • Allows diversity in exercise.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Adjustable weights.
  • Built quality is good.

  • Slightly priced above the average.

HyperWear Weighted Vest

HyperWear Weighted Vest is a high-end exercise gadget which is made from a unique material. While it gives adequate weight, the material itself is not bulky. The side straps allow a snug fit, which is useful for an intense training session. It also ensures that the Vest does not bounce during any movement. The Vest is also multidimensional in the sense that it allows a user to adjust the straps and comes with several side weights weighing nearly ten pounds. They are made of steel.

It is also user-friendly for beginners and amateurs who are venturing into the field of weight training.

Besides the above-mentioned, the Vest is made of sweat-proof material which allows a comfortable experience. The side straps also ensure that there is breathability.

Verdict: It is especially useful to those who work out regularly and often intensely. It has a universal fit and can be used by both males and females. The design of the product is superb and definitely helps to increase performance.

  • Used by both genders.
  • Washing machine friendly.
  • Snug fit.
  • Breathable material and also stretchable.
  • Builds great resistance.
  • Easy to adjust weights.

  • Weight pockets are prone to get worn with time.
  • Weight shoulders are a bit heavier.
  • Setting straps a bit complicated.

Pure Fitness Adjustable Weighted Vest

The Pure Fitness Adjustable Weighted Vest has a unique feature – unlike other vests it has weights filled with sand which adapt the shape of the body in an appropriate manner. It is also equipped with reflective straps which further aid in ensuring safety, especially if the user is a night runner. This Vest also allows indulgence in a numerous and diverse variety of activities like jogging, push-ups, etc.

This Vest is ideal for persons who are basically beginners. The sand filled weights are a departure from the usual iron weights. The primary benefit is that the Vest hugs the body perfectly and contours to its shape allowing a snug fitting. It can also be used for a wide variety of activities from running to lunging.

Verdict: The price is economical and affordable by all. The only drawback may be that the durability is not that reliable and only the needs of amateurs are catered to.

  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Reflector Trimmings.
  • Sand filled weights.
  • Versatile activities.

  • Only good for beginners.
  • Durability may not be long lasting.

Box Weighted Vests

Box models are one of the most popular weighted vests manufacturers out there. These products are American made and implement the latest product technology, so the users don’t stay behind.

The users will find two box vests available on Amazon –
1.20LBS BOX Super Short Weight Vest
2.45 Lb. BOX for CrossFit and Gym Bodyweight Training

The weighted vest is designed as most others. It has a padded design. Such a design will really help if the user is planning for CrossFit. The size is 12″X12″ on front and back both. The material they have used is the 1000D Nylon Cordura.

The product is easy to clean sweat lining – If the user sweats a lot, they should not worry, it has an easy to clean sweat lining. So if a user does long periods of training, it has them covered. The user won’t find this feature in most of the weighted vests. The users don’t want a product to slide off or slip. This can let to some dangerous circumstances. The straps make the product fit tight, the users need not worry about much movement especially if they are using it for running.

When it comes to adjustability, the users can go up 45 lbs on this one. Each increment is 2.5 lbs each in its adjustability. So the users can adjust to their specified weight according to their usage. There are a total of 18 increments present for use. The quick adjust clamp belt system is a life-saver for the users. Many of the new box products feature narrow shoulders for easy operation and a wide range of motion. The users can use it for various activities such as walking, running, jumping or CrossFit, as the weighted vest is short the users can also use it for cycling purpose.

There is also the availability of a longer product for the users to buy. It all depends on the user’s usage. The 20 LBS BOX Super Short Weight Vest is mostly regarded for beginners. If the user is looking for light tasks like walking and warm up, this should be the perfect option. The users get a lifetime warranty with the box weighted vest. This indicates how much the company trusts their product.

Verdict: The user does not require worrying about the product stretching or even falling apart.

  • It is adjustable, and you can use it up to 45 lbs.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Great design.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Plenty of shoulder room.

  • A tad expensive.
  • Setting up the straps are a little confusing.
  • The vest is somewhat bulky.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Weight Vest

Buying the best-weighted vest does not only concern about the price. The users also have to take into consideration why they want to buy that particular one. What will they use it for? Weighted vests are for resistance purposes, but what type of workout will they be doing? There are variously weighted vests for the purpose of strength training while others fulfil the purpose of running. The users are advised to choose the one that meets their needs the best.

1. They should always go for a light weighted vest if they plan to use it for running. The user can get a heavier vest later. But since it’s their first time, they are advised to start with a light one so that they are more comfortable. If the user is going to do weights, they should buy a heavier vest for that purpose. A light vest may be too simple to adjust to.

2. The users should look for a weighted vest with adjustable weight capacity. An adjustable weight vest allows the user to set the weight effectively. The weight ranges from 2 lbs. to 40 lbs. but the users also find some that can go up to 60 lbs. Or much more. The higher adjustable the weight vest, the more the user will be able to do with it.

3. Weight distribution: the users are advised to make sure that the weighted vest distributes the weight evenly. This should not be a problem with well-made vests because they have been designed in that manner.

4. Incremental adjustments: adjustability is the most vital factor to be taken into consideration while buying any product. But in addition to that, the weighted vest has to be properly adjustable on the increments. This allows the users to tune the vest to suit their needs properly.

5. Quality design: the users are advised to buy only a weighted vest that is made from good quality materials. The user will only get benefits if they use weighted vests regularly and effectively.

These vests may be more over budgeted, but they are a great investment. With a cheap weighted vest, the user will have to buy a new one after just a few weeks or months because they are of use and throw quality. With the use of a well-designed weighted vest, they will last for a longer period of time.

Why do we need Weight Vest

The best weighted is mostly used for matters of resistance training and many more reasons. Some of the reasons why this product is required are listed below:

1. The product adds weight: There are various ways to use a weighted vest. But adding weight to a users body is regarded as the most popular. By wearing a vest on different parts of the body, resistance can be increased.

2. Helps to modify training routines: The training rehearsal that is followed by any user can be repetitive in nature, thus by using a weighted vest the user will be able to push themselves to a greater limit for increasing their efficiency.

3. The product stimulates workout equipment: weighted vests can be particularly used to increase the flexibility of the workout. The user’s hands and arms are free helping them to do many more types of workouts.

4. Helps to increase muscle mass: Regular use of the weighted vests forces the muscles to work harder, stimulating and developing their growth at a much rapid rate.

5. Helps to lose weight: Weighted vests also play a vital role in reducing weight. The reason for extra weight causes or mostly forces the user to work out more. The more they work out, the more they sweat leading to faster burning of the extra weight.

6. The best-weighted vest leads to an increase in effective endurance and strength. The users will need more oxygen to work out and put in more effort. As a result, after a few weeks, the users are able to notice the strength gains.

7. This product works out the different parts of the user’s body: these weighted vests allows the user to focus on different areas of their body and work better on them.

8. These efficient weighted vests enhance cardio workouts. The extra resistance makes the user’s lungs much stronger. They also increase their endurance power.

9. Along with strengthening the user’s muscles, their bones benefit as well. The extra load leads to the production of osteoblast cells, which develop new and fresh bone material. With continued use, their bones get stronger. The users also develop the strength to handle their new muscles.

10. Improved general wellness: if the users have been working out for a long time, their body may have gotten used to the weights. By adding an additional vest, their body will handle extra resistance and gain effective strength.

Who should use Weight Vest?

1. Users wanting to add weight to their cardio exercises

2. Advanced level

3. Users wanting to increase the effectiveness of the exercise

4. Users willing to increase the sustainability of their exercises

5. Users wanting to make the most of the resistance training

The Final Verdict: Fitness and resistance training are essential factors to be taken into consideration while undergoing resistance training. These weighted vests definitely work on the body muscles, but the user only gets the benefits if it fits them properly. The quality and design are also very vital factors to be taken into consideration. With so many varieties to choose from, it can be downright confusing.

However, by reading the best-weighted vest reviews, the users have no problem finding the right fit for the body structure. If the user ever feels that they are not getting the most from resistance training, they are always recommended to use a weighted vest. The vest might take a bit of getting used to, but the user soon sees how beneficial it is for the cardio exercises.

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