Best Inversion Tables 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide
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Best Inversion Tables 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Best Inversion Tables 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

The inversion table has been an effective way of stretching the spine to relieve back pain. It is a popular workout method for people suffering from chronic lower back pain, poor blood circulation, sciatica, and scoliosis. The inversion table is a type of inversion therapy wherein you adopt an upside-down posture to reverse the effects of gravity on spine. Inversion therapy is a mechanism where you stretch your spine upside down to relieve back pain.

It is one of the most recent and modern inversion table available in the market, build using heavy tubing steel frame which can lift persons weighing up to 300 pounds.

> It has the new inversion degree controller which helps you fix the inversion degree as per your requirement and comfort.

> It has the new inversion degree controller which helps you fix the inversion degree as per your requirement and comfort.

> It also has a well-equipped isolation heat and vibrating massage therapy feature. This feature heats and relaxes the body area that you want to stretch out taking the inversion therapy experience to another level.

> The backrest comes well-padded with foam to provide extra comfort to your back while exercising. It has extra contoured handles which makes it easier to return to the actual position during inversion.

> It also has foam pads near the ankle that provides support, comfort and protection to your ankles.

> All these listed features make it one of the most popular and demanding inversion table in the current market. The features provided at a price charged are worth the money invested

Before buying an inversion table, one must carefully examine the various varieties available and the benefits associated with them. All kind of inversion tables are not created equal; some are more durable and better than others in terms of specific functions.

Let us look at some features that you should always look before buying an inversion table.

> Controlled inversion: before buying the most important criteria to evaluate is whether the inversion degree is controllable or not. Most of the products available will have this feature, but you must always confirm before buying. During an inversion therapy, you need to work your way up to 90 degrees. Therefore, a table that allows you to control the inversion degree will help you in your way up towards achieving a complete inversion.

> A quality frame: the quality of the frame of the inversion table also plays a vital role while buying one. Since you are going to put on your entire body weight on the table, it is of utmost importance to check the quality of the frame before buying to make sure that it does not get broken down while using. You should always give preference to tables having steel frames and non-skid floor protectors. The steel frame will be more durable and would be able to lift the weight without being broken down, and the skid-floor protectors will prevent the table from skidding on the floor.

> Certifications and approvals: while buying an inversion table you must always check that they have a mark from any product testing group to make sure about the product’s quality and safety. Certifications act as proof and help in ensuring safety and trust amongst the buyers about the product.

> Comfort: often we tend to ignore evaluating these criteria while buying one, but you should always keep in mind that to check the comfort an inversion table offers must be your priority because you would not prefer to use it if it is not comfortable. So always prefer choosing tables with thick pads instead of thin ones to feel comfortable, especially when you are suffering from lower back pain.

> The price and the manufacturer: while buying anything our prime objective is to get it at minimum cost with maximum benefits. But you should not always go with the table that is available at the lowest cost, because buying a comparatively low priced table, from an unpopular brand might be the wrong decision. It may end up breaking early and would have no use in the long run. A medium-range table would cost you at least $120, and a high-end branded one would cost you around $300 and above.

> User reviews and feedback: after evaluating the above-said parameters and before actually buying a one, always consider the reviews and the feedbacks given by the previous customers. Consider the reviews posted only by trusted sites like Amazon because they have trusted and verified user reviews.

> Hi-end features: before investing in any kind of inversion table one must always look forward to some of the features which can help to improve your overall experience with the inversion tables. Features like comfortable, well-padded backrest, inversion degree locking system, ankle support, isolated heat, and vibrating therapy are the most preferred features.

Benefits of using inversion table-

 > In an inversion therapy your body will be tilted at any angle between 0 – 90 degrees horizontally. During the therapy, your head is tilted downward on the table, purposely to relieve the pressure on your spine and nerves and increase the space between your vertebrae.

 > Promoters say that the inversion table therapy not only helps you in relieving back pain, it also improves your posture, increases flexibility, invigorate blood circulation to the brain and scalp, preserves height, restores your abdominal organs in the correct position and relieves varicose veins.

 > Stretching and proper circulation also helps in preventing future health issues.

Getting the inversion table at your home has lots of benefits especially when you have chronic back pain and already paying for some kind of physical therapy, chiropractic care or medication, in such a scenario investing in an inversion table would be a more feasible option for you.

There are a lot of instructional videos available online that can you help with using the inversion table effectively.

These cost of inversion tables varies depending on the feature they offer, ranging from $100-$450. Continuing ahead we would be sharing the various benefits associated with the use of inversion tables, the various types of inversion tables available and there corresponding pros and cons.

Best Inversion Tables

Deciding which inversion table to buy might be a sensitive task as there is a wide range of options available. Inversion tables are available ranging from $100 to $400. Depending on your budget you can choose from the wide range available. The more money you spend on buying it, the better the experience and results you will have.

Here is a list of some of the best inversion tables available in the market based on safety, durability, and comfort.

-Teeter EP- 960 LTD-

Teeter EP-960 LTD is an inversion table that guarantees you relief from the shackles of pain. It has a superior and well-crafted design which makes it more durable and lasting option.

> It has been approved as the number one medical apparatus that helps to relieve muscular pains by FDA and Health Canada. This inversion table helps you in setting the inversion to angles of 20, 40 & 60 degrees depending on your comfort level.

> It has premium features like an extended anti-lock handle for security, traction handles, and extra-long stretch max handles.

> Apart from its features, it comes with a 5-year warranty, the weight capacity of 300lbs, weighing around 75 pounds after being fully assembled.

  • •UNDERWRITER LABORATORIES (UL) certified product made using premium quality material which is long lasting
  • •The head pillow can be removed depending on your requirement
  • •Easy to assemble
  • •Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • •EZ angle teeter strap which helps in controlling the inversion range
  • •EZ reach ankle system having triple lock security
  • •Comes with the durable and smooth bed surface

  • • Due to its weight being 75 pounds it is not very much portable.


“Teeter EP-960 comes with complete quality checks and premium quality material and premium features. Though it is a bit expensive the results are guaranteed and noteworthy. The product assures you of value for money.”

-Ironman 4000-

Ironman 4000 is the most suitable option for individuals with heavyweight, who also want to try inversion therapy. It is made with a high-quality steel frame that supports weight up to 350lbs.

> It is easy to store as it comes with a portable feature. Therefore you can fold it and store when not in use. Its backrest comes with 2 and ½ inch of padded foam that makes it more comfortable and easy to use.

> It has tough rubber non-skid protectors fixed below it preventing it from skidding on the floor. You can quickly return to the upright position as it comes with extra-long handles on the foot clamp.

> It has a warranty of 1 year for its frame and 90 days for its other parts.

  • Can be easily folded and stored when not in use
  • Comes with tough rubber non-skid protectors preventing it from skidding on the floor.
  • Ankles can be easily secured with long handles
  • Comes with the detachable lumbar support cushion
  • Has padded foam on its frame making it more comfortable to use

  • Not portable due to its weight
  • The positions are not pre-set, so you cannot easily lock into them.


“Ironman 4000 is most suitable for heavyweight people with a complete, user-friendly design. Those of you who want to ensure your comfort level while exercising will surely love this product.”

-Innova ITM 4800-

  • Easy to store because of its foldable feature
  • The isolated heating and vibrating massage therapy take the inversion exercise to another level
  • Padded foam for extra support and protection to the ankle
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Inversion position locking system

  • If you are expecting it to be a high-end massage chair, you will be disappointed
  • Not portable


“Most demanded Inversion table in the current market with vibrating massage therapy feature. it is suitable for a person having high weights and height, to provide them with a more comfortable experience”

Exerpeutic inversion table-

This table is produced by Paradigm Health and Wellness Inc. making an added advantage of the brand value and image it carries. The company is famous for producing sturdy and products at affordable prices. Its weight is around 55 pounds and has a capacity of 300lbs.

> It comes with well-padded foam on the backrest and the ankle making it more comfortable and protective to use.

> It comes with an adjustable safety strap which can be adjusted according to the inversion degree you feel comfortable with.

> It contains heavy duty U- shaped safety handles which help you in returning back to the upright position.

> It is very much convenient to store because it comes with the foldable feature and can be stored anywhere when not in use.

> Another added advantage with this product is that it comes with a tiny user manual and can be easily assembled with the help of tools provided.

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with tools required for assembling
  • Foam padded cushions on backrest and ankle
  • Extra-long heavy U shaped handles
  • Weight capacity 300lbs
  • Made from high-quality material and comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Although it is foldable but folding, it is itself a complex task because it requires to remove the backrest
  • Not portable


“Exerpeutic is well known for its brand value and providing affordable products with all the necessary features. Its user manual is very much understandable. Therefore it makes it easier for you to assemble it.”

Invertio inversion table-

 It is available at a very affordable and low price which indeed make people doubt about its quality and features. But its makers have not compromised on the part of quality and features associated with the low cost. The low cost and features make it one of the most popular products available in the category.

> The unique feature that it offers is that it weighs 52 pounds, has 26- height adjustments and 250lbs weight capacity. It has padded backrest and 8-positions adjustments premium ankle support; thereby it makes it more comfortable and increased safety.

> Its handrails are 40 inches long and are padded, making it easier to return to upright position. This inversion table is stable and does not skid while usage, making it immovable and stable during inversion.

> It comes with a 1-year warranty and is easily foldable which makes it easy to store when not in use.

  • 8 types of position adjustments
  • 26 – Height adjustments
  • Affordable price
  • Ease of assembly
  • 250lbs capacity
  • Foldable
  • 40 inches long handrails
  • Padded foam backrest and ankle rest
  • Stable, non-skid floor protectors

  • Not portableThe user manual has tiny diagrams which make it difficult to assemble.


“A very low priced inversion table with premium quality and with all the essential features. Its adjustable height feature and 8 inversion positions make it a worth buying product. “

Innova ITX 9600-

This inversion table comes with a headrest that is extra wide and is heavily padded along the headrest as well. It is extra-long, suitable for people with more height. Its headrest can be adjusted depending on your need thereby making it more comfortable.Can easily hold weight up to 300 pounds.

> It has 6 different positions inversion degrees; you can adjust it accordingly making it safe and supportive.

> The main unique feature that sets it apart from other is its right balance system that allows each person to identify their own unique center of gravity.

  • Full backrest along with the adjustable headrest
  • Ideal for people with height ranging from 6-10ft
  • 6 different degrees of inversion angles
  • True balancer

  • Toolkit supplied with the product is very basic
  • Can be of better quality


“This inversion table is most suitable for Tall people with proper balance with all the essential features. You can choose your own unique center of gravity for balancing with this inversion table.”

Merax Ultra-

It is most suitable for people who want to buy a budgeted inversion table without compromising on its features. The unique feature of this table is that it comes up with a detachable vibrating heating backrest also has the feature of pivot arms which helps you in controlling while using it.

> The vibrating backrest helps your back muscles relax while inverting.

> The backrest is equipped with thick padded foam and is made up of a steel frame which makes it comfortable as well as durable and stable to use.

> It has long handles which help you in returning to the upright position. It can be easily folded when not in use and stored.

  • Detachable vibrating heating back pad
  • Holds up to 300lbs of weight
  • Supports full 180 degrees of inversion
  • Has wheels to roll the table from one place to another
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Can also help in doing abdominal strength exercises because of its 180 degrees inversion
  • Easy to assemble

  • The heating pads do not give results as expected
  • User manual not adequately equipped with images


“This inversion table is budget friendly with detachable heating back pad, has rolling wheels and with all the necessary features. If you are looking forward to something that is comfortable, durable and economical than this is a perfect choice.”

Health gear Advance-

One of the main highlights of this inversion table is 3-inch foam padded backrest along with an additional vibrating and heating pad. Easily accommodates people with 300lbs weight and 5 -6 ft. long people.

> It is very safe and complies with UL 50 norms. Its foldable design helps you to store it easily when not in use.

> It comes with a unique feature of multifunction hand controller that lets you adjust the speed, time, intensity and heat during the massage.

> It allows you to invert into 4 degrees, 20, 40, 60 and 90.

  • Extra thickly padded backrest
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Meets UL 50 standards
  • Supports tall and heavy users

  • Does not work well at the maximum weight limit
  • Does not rotates 180 degrees


“This inversion table is fully remote controlled and with unique 3inch foam padded backrest for extra comfort. If you are someone who is extra tall, then this is the perfect fit for you.”

Healthmark Promax-

It is one of the most expensive inversion table available in the market with great features. One of the major features that makes it different from other inversion tables is that the health mark pro max is bi-positional, i.e., it can work in the face up as well the face-down position.

> The face-down position is required while getting a back massage from a therapist.

> The other unique features include 6 preset inversion degrees and it can hold weight up to 600lbs.

> It also offers 180-degree inversion and has handlebars that help you to return to the upright position from any angle easily.

  • 180 degrees rotation
  • 6 preset angle inversions
  • Bi-positional
  • Ideal for use in massage and therapy centers
  • Height weight holding capacity
  • Superior design and quality

  • Expensive
  • Cannot be folded, therefore occupies a lot of space


“This is premium inversion table that it is Bi-positional with extra holding capacity up to 600lbs. Buying it gives the added advantage of 180 degrees rotating inversion and bi-positional functions.”

-Gracelove Heavy Duty Deluxe

If you are looking forward to an inversion table that is cheap and provides you with the basic features, you have got the right product. But keep in mind that being cheap does not imply that it compromises with the functioning.

> It has all the necessary features like backrest, ankle supports, inversion degrees, steel frame, foldable and is safe to use.

> The only point where it lacks is the backrest won’t be padded with foam, so it might be a little uncomfortable.


“This is the most budget-friendly table with simple and basic features of an inversion table. If you are looking forward to something at low cost without compromising on the basic features, then this is the best option.”

  • Budget friendly, affordable
  • Foldable and can be stored when not in use
  • Has rubber feet covers thereby preventing it from skidding
  • Sturdy and stable

  • Ankle support is not as comfortable as you desire
  • Backrest comes with minimum foam padding

Buying Guide-

  • Studies show that inversion exercises help the spine by-
  • Increasing the fluid that protects the spine discs
  • Removal of wastage from the spine
  • Boosting the circulation of blood around the muscles
  • Reducing inflammation

-Potential benefits of using an inversion

> Reduced back pain: we all are likely to suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. Studies show that after doing the inversion table exercise at 60 degrees for 8 weeks continuously the back pain reduces and improves torso flexibility and strength

> Improved spinal health: inversion therapy helps in reducing the space and the pressure between your spinal discs. Activities such as sitting, running and bending can increase the pressure on these discs, thereby increasing the risk of back pain and other complications.

> Increased flexibility: inversion therapy helps you in improving your body flexibility, and also helps you improve body posture. Especially when your major working is on the desk, stretching the spine over a long and continuous period of time helps make the body stronger and more comfortable to bend and reach downward.

> Maintain height: according to the facts an average person shrinks to up to ¾ inch from the time he wakes up in the morning to the time he goes back to bed at night. The reason behind this contraction is spinal compression from gravity. Therefore, the inversion tables help in reversing back this process by stretching the spine.

> Detoxifies lymphatic system: in inversion therapy, you hang yourself upside down which helps in draining the toxins out of your body. While hanging the wastes moves into one direction which helps in stimulating the system and eliminating the wastes.

> Breathing ease: when you are hanging upside down your lungs get filled with blood which improves the oxygen production in the body. It also helps in making your diaphragm stronger.

> Joint pain relief: you often experience pain in joints especially after a heavy workout session. Hanging upside – down will help you relax and stretching your muscles actually helps you relieve the pain.

Who Should Use it-

People suffering from:

    • Back pain
    • Joint pain
    • Sciatica
    • Arthritis
    • Stress
    • Poor blood circulation
    • Scoliosis


There are a number of inversion tables available in the market. Therefore, choosing the right and the most suitable one according to your needs and preferences might be a daunting job. Before actually engaging yourself into the buying process fix a budget, make a list of the features from primary to high- end premium features that you are expecting to have in your inversion table. As it is indeed said, the more you invest, the more features you will get. Hence, it is very crucial to evaluate your needs before actually investing in buying one. Based on the above-reviewed products the most preferred inversion table in the market currently is TEETER EP-960 followed by IRONMAN 4000 and INNOVA ITX9600 based on user reviews and associated pros and cons.

Inversion therapy via inversion tables has been showing remarkable results by helping people in leading a healthy lifestyle. It is helping people to ease back pain, release stress, improve body postures and pain, reducing effects of sciatica, arthritis, improving blood circulation, and relieving joint pains.Inversion therapy is acting as a single solution to all these above-mentioned problems. The products listed above provides you with the best features at the best price and are reviewed on the basis of durability, quality, safety, comfort and features.

Safety precautions: people suffering from any kind of heart diseases, high blood pressure, pregnancy, glaucoma or any other kind of crucial health issues, must consult a doctor or a physician before opting for inversion therapy. You can take help of various instructional videos available online in order to learn how to use inversion tables effectively and get the maximum benefits out it.

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