Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide
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Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2019 Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Adjustable Dumbbells are one of the best ways to get a good workout in, especially if a user doesn’t have a lot of space to store multiple dumbbell sets in their homes or workplace. But it is vital to take out time to make sure that the users get the right adjustable dumbbell set to accomplish their determined workout goals. There are conventional varieties of adjustable dumbbell sets in the market, but not all will get the users what they are looking for. This review guide has been created to share that which all adjustable dumbbell sets are developed sturdy, comfortable, and easy to use; don’t require much space. There are a huge number of adjustable dumbbells for the users to choose from since many manufacturers are competing with each other to produce their best exercise equipment in this competitive market.

Health and fitness are vital aspects of any person’s life for their good well-being. Any individual in excellent physical shape is enough likely to have a better standard of living because of an improved capacity to work and to do more active activities in life. Performing physical activities is an effective method to stay fit, and dumbbells are basic useful tools in acquiring a toned body. Dumbbells are small versions of a barbell which have features of lightweight mostly weighing around five pounds or less.

Although barbells are vital gym equipment, dumbbells were developed to accompany many fitness activities because weight lifting is a vital aspect in reducing weight and developing muscle areas without the bulk and the heaviness of large equipment. Adjustable dumbbells are efficiently utilized in strength training or for the upper body toning like arm raises, bicep curls and chest presses and help in workouts like aerobics to weight training where lunges, squats and push-ups are exercised. Many exercises with different fitness goals use these simple categories of equipment to acquire a healthy physique for the body.

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Top 10 Adjustable Dumbbells Ratings, Pros & Cons

Constant dumbbells work is great for serious weight trainers, but the use of adjustable dumbbells is a wonderful alternative. People exercising can increase the weight or decrease the weight according to requirement. These are very helpful in developing lean muscle and strengthening human bones. Adding on to this, balance is also improved, decreasing the probability of falling among adults. A user-friendly equipment i.e. the adjustable dumbbells can be utilized by almost anyone determined to workout. Below is the detailed review of the top 10 adjustable dumbbells available on Amazon:

Power Block Elite Dumbbells – 50-70 lbs.

The PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbells are regarded as one of the trusted sets in the fitness and health industry. The users may not be aware, but PowerBlock was actually the first company to develop the concept of adjustable dumbbells. It was founded all the way back in 1991 where two fitness equipment designers worked on the idea after taking into consideration the extreme cost and the space restrictions of the rack of dumbbells.

Regarding the categories the Elite 50 has a weight range of 5-50 lbs, the Elite 70 weight range comprises of 5-70 lbs, and the Elite 90 consists of a weight range of 5-90 lbs. Other than that all these categories of adjustable dumbbells are exactly the same. PowerBlock designs them that manner so that if the users already know that they want the bigger weight range, then they have the option to buy it that way. One of the adding benefits about this model design is that the weight range is quite expandable and as far as the adjustment goes, the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are sturdy, efficient and easy to change between weight settings. The weight plates are organised in stacks, with color coordinated markers to show the weight amount of each stack in the model.

Verdict: After taking into consideration all the factors, the PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbells are an effective and a great set of weights. Ranging from their one-off block design to their stackable weight expansions, these exercise weights are not like any other set in the market, because they are of truly premium-quality and are considered as one of the most durable sets ever tested by the users in the long run. The model design has been regarded to be so impressive that it is mostly awarded the “Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Lifting Heavy” on the adjustable dumbbells buying a guide of various websites.


1. Quick and easy adjustability
2. Easy to install weight expansion kits
3. Well balanced structure for use
4. Comfortable and padded grips and wrist guards
5. Extremely durable
6. Good quality and a long 10-year warranty


1. The 4-bar design might be problematic for users who like free grip
2. Adjusting the weight in 10 lb is fast, but for 2.5 or 5 lb increments take a little time for adjustment.

Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells


The Unipack One Pair Adjustable Dumbbells provide up to 100 lbs for each hand with no extra tools needed in setting up. The cast iron is very durable for use, and the securely fitted handles and collars which are threaded to it keep it sturdy, strong and convenient for use.

The chrome handles are effectively durable as well, and the adjustability is great, making it simple to use for varieties of exercises at home. This versatile dumbbell is perfect for training indoors when it is raining, storming or snowing outside.

Verdict: Unipack One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells are regarded as one of the best adjustable dumbbells available on Amazon. The best feature of Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews 2019 is that they are quite affordable and durable. The Heavy Duty Cast Iron plates present with dark black paint on it provides a very heavy and an old school look and also the chrome handles which are textured to provide a solid and a firm grip while lifting makes these dumbbells simply outstanding from the rest of the varieties available.


1. Budget Friendly.
2. Feel stable and secure due to solid build.
3. Weight can be adjusted by extra forged Cast Iron Plates.
4. Cast Iron plates give a clean look.
5. Rust free


1. Takes time to change weights.
2. Manual addition of weight takes time and work.
3. Chipping of paint from Cast Iron Plates.
4. Round weighs roll very frequently.
5. Bar reaches more than Sixteen inches

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weights


These adjustable dumbbells comprise of a combination of chrome-plated dumbbell handles, four each of 2.5-pound plates, five-pound plates, and additional spin on collars. They are present in a sturdy carrying and a protective storage case. Due to their rock-bottom cost of $64.99 and their low maximum weight of 20 pounds per piece, these CAP adjustable dumbbells are great for users who are just beginning with strength training.

Verdict: This particular model is sturdy enough to survive for many years as a user transports their adjustable CAP dumbbells from their home to office or to hotel and back home again. Next features to be observed are the locking collars, which are the spin on and spin-off kind that is super simple to operate even when the user’s hands are sweaty. Additionally, these CAP Barbell adjustable dumbbells have a very good old school look attached to them.


1. Comfortable Handles for the Users
2. Ultra rust-resistant cast Iron plates
3. Stable spin-on collars
4. Budget-friendly


1. Hurting Handle ends
2. Difficult to adjust weights easily
3. Round weight plates are harmful when children around

Ironmaster 75 lb quick-lock adjustable dumbbells



The Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand is a star amongst the most expensive movable dumbbell sets in this competitive market. The Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand has a great weight limit of 75 pounds. That is the most high weight ability out any in the market so far. It likewise accompanies a framework stand which makes utilizing and putting away it less demanding for the user in the long run.

Verdict: There is a reason behind why the Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand is a great buy amongst the most expensive on this rundown. It is considered to be viewed as outstanding amongst other movable dumbbell sets of 2019 effortlessly. The highlights, guarantee, development and in general consumer loyalty settles on it an incredible decision attached.


1. Restricted lifetime guarantee
2. Designed with uncompromising material
3. Chromed well-designed handles
4. Quick and simple to handle


1. Locking frame becomes difficult to use
2. Expensive for the user

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) — 52.5 lbs.




There have been extensive discussions behind the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells, ever since they were introduced in the market. The reason behind all this was that the first model series had various design flaws, making them quite fragile. But with the new introduction, several improved series have been brought in the market. And currently, these adjustable dumbbells are better reliable than the first released models present in the market.

There has been a lot of engineering and designing behind the development of these Bowflex dumbbells, and many factors that the users would prefer were introduced. Thus, in this buying guide, all factors have been discussed. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 comes as a combination of two types of equipment. Only the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 is available as one dumbbell equipment for use. Particularly the core ingredients used in the development of these Bowflex dumbbells are steel and polyurethane. The weight plates are made of steel but are coated with quite a thin sheet of plastic for users. This provides several advantages. They are first being that the discs will not clink during the user’s workout, or when they put the weights down — second being that the plastic sheet provides protection to the plates from atmospheric rust.

Adding on to the improvements to the previous series of Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, this model provides metallic latches on the weight plates. Also, their locking system is quite sturdier. The main axle of this equipment is particularly made of steel. The handle is mainly a metallic sheet which comes over the main axle. It displays the features of a rubberized grip, which is regarded as far less abrasive to the hand as the metallic finish of other free weights is. Even if the users use workout gloves, they’ll observe that they do not wear out so quickly. The two core advantages of these dumbbells are mainly adjustability and the fact that they are space-savvy for the users.

Verdict: Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells are great free weights for home users as they are space-savvy, and highly versatile which makes it easy for other exercises. Adding on to that, they have a very sleek design, which is considered as an aspect that may be regarded as important for some users. They deal pretty much the full range of exercises that can be exercised with the use of dumbbells. Even though they are not regarded as the perfect choice for advanced users, who aim for a more challenging weight range, but they are simply great for anyone determined who wants to exercise using weights at home. They have a sturdy construction, quite better than the old series, and can survive a lifetime with good use. And at the end, even though they are not the most budget-friendly dumbbells that a user can find out in the market but considering that they basically consist of a full set of non-adjustable dumbbells they definitely offer an amazing value for their price.


1. Highly versatile as it offers quick adjusting weight in order to alternate exercises;
2. Space-savvy
3. Weight range between 5 to 52.5 lbs which are considered perfect for the beginner and also intermediate users;
4. covers more than 30 possible exercises;
5. Sleek design, which acts as a motivation factor;
6. Steel weight plates are coated with a plastic composite that prevents them from clinking or catching rust;
7. Rubberized handle for maximum comfort and a firm grip;
8. Storage trays are included for additional space;
9. Training DVD for the users is included;
10. The good warranty period for a dumbbell set.


1. The discs which sustain the weight plates can break if the dumbbells are dropped or are thrown, but with proper handling, they might last for many years.
2. The weight ranges may not be sufficient enough for advanced users.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell




Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell is regarded as one of the most popular and widely used dumbbells for home workout enthusiasts who are determined to work hard on themselves. The equipment adaptability is regarded as one of the factors that make them one of the greatest in the market list. The Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell has various great features for its customers to appreciate and take benefit of. Some of the crucial benefits include their space-saving design and budget-friendly criteria. The compact and easy to use factor makes them a definite have for users with limited space in their homes or workspace. Or for users who do not prefer too much clutter when it is related to workout equipment. Adding on to this, since it has the feature of adjustability, the Bayou Fitness helps the users from not using various other kinds of heavy equipments.

The customers are also able to enjoy the design which is created from heavy-duty chrome plated steel. Both the adjustable dumbbells also contain useful and handy storage trays for extra space. They function very well when it is related to working out and storing them efficiently.

Verdict: For the users who are in search for a good pair of dumbbells to help them work out from the comfort of their home or apartment, then the Bayou Fitness is worth taking into consideration. The model will save the user the time during their physical training as well as space. Moreover, the model is made of high-quality and durable material which is essential. The only drawback may be the 5-pound increments per side of the model. Some users cannot handle going a full 10-pound increase using two dumbbells on the model. However, this is common for the top of the line adjustable dumbbells in the competitive market today. Particularly based on the pricing, quality and high customer satisfaction, the Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell is an apt purchase. This model presently has one of the highest ratings when it comes to competitive rankings. That makes it a brilliant and safe choice to consider.


1. Eliminates the need for other dumbbells.
2. Durable and compact.
3. Lets you adjust the weight in 5-pound increments easily and fast.
4. Very sturdy and made of durable material.
5. Innovative design which saves space and workout time.
6. Goes from 5 pounds to 25-pound increments.


1. A few users reported that the storage rack sometimes sticks during workouts.
2. The adjustable knob sometimes needs to have WD-40 added to avoid sticking or breaking off.
3. 5-pound increments are per side, not in 2.5 lbs. This indicates that the users have to create 10-pound adjustments in total when using two dumbbells at 5 pounds per side.
4. Particularly the Bayou Fitness will allow the users to workout from anywhere they choose without too much hassle. The price for the well-made adjustable dumbbells is also very market competitive. The users can expect to get them within a few days or a week after they make their purchase.

Omnie Adjustable Dumbbells with Gloss Finish and Secure Fit Collars

The Omnie dumbbells are presentable in full-iron. The features do not have any plastic inserts or any other elements in their building, except the plates, collars and bars. The plates are designed of cast iron, and the bars are created of solid steel. To be more specific the set features Standard Pro Iron weight plates coated with corrosion-resistant gray paint additionally with a gloss finish. This kind of paint is mostly thicker and is considered slightly superior to the common enamel present in painted weight plates. It also does not wear off; it does not stain the clothing or on the user’s hands, and also does not emit any particular odour.

The bars are particularly steel-made, with knurled handles to give a superior grip. They are efficiently coated with a good layer of chrome, with the intention to prevent rust because of the reason of perspiration.

Verdict: If a user does not wish to spend over $500 on a particular dumbbell set, or even more on a set of workout dumbbells, free weight such as these Omnie dumbbells are an amazing choice. The model cost is basically $1 per pound, which is budget friendly. They are made for long term use and abuse; the users can drop them without the fear that they will break them, they are easy to adjust, and do not take a lot of space. Also, considering that they provide a weight range of up to 100 lbs per dumbbell, they are apt for users of all levels, basically from beginners to well-seasoned fitness experts.


1. The sturdy and durable design presented without any plastic inserts or parts;
2. Space-savvy.
3. Versatile and easy to adjust,
4. Basically covers the full range of exercises that the users can achieve with dumbbells;
5. The users can have an off-set weight for each dumbbell, for more intense workouts;
6. Durable and corrosion-resistant
7. Weight ranges between 5 and 100 lbs and are great for users of all levels;
8. Knurled handle for a secure grip of the user


1. Adjustment takes a bit long compared to PowerBlock dumbbells .

Titan Fitness Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells.

This Titan Fitness dumbbell model includes 5 pairs of dumbbells, with the following weights (per dumbbell): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 lbs (2.26, 4.5, 6.8, 9, 11.3 kg). These dumbbells’ weight heads provide an extremely secure connection system to the handles for the users use during a workout. They do not rattle or wobble when used, as some of the classic adjustable dumbbells do during a workout over time. This model has steel inserts, which are pinned, press-fitted and welded, that means that the weight heads cannot possibly fall from their axles. They are created out of durable cast iron.

The core downside of these dumbbells is that the weight plates are supported by polyurethane discs which add to the benefits. Also, especially if a user is heavy, it is not recommended to make use of these dumbbells for push-ups, as too much pressure might cause damage to the discs. But on the other hand, with proper use and care, these discs might last for a good period of time. Also, they have replaceable parts, so in case one part breaks, the user can always get a new adding apart attached.

Verdict: This Titan Fitness dumbbell set includes 5 pairs of fixed-weight, hex dumbbells, with weight ranges of between 5-25 lbs. The dumbbells provide the features of rubberized weight heads and ergo handles for maximum comfort to the user. Even without a rack, this equipment does not take much space. It’s an excellent dumbbell set for beginners and intermediate users. And finally, considering that the set costs less than $250 and its total weight is 150 lbs, you’ll basically pay less than $1 per pound of iron, which is not bad.


1. Sturdy and reliable hex dumbbells;
2. Cast iron weight heads, rubber-coated to keep rust at bay and protect flooring;
3. Knurled and contoured handles for maximum comfort, and a sure-grip;
4. Chrome finish on the handles to keep rust away;
5. No adjustments required, the user can simply pick-up the set they need for their exercise;


1. The coating on dumbbells may emit a faint rubber odor for a while, which can be an inconvenience to the user

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

To begin off with the most prudent benefit of the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells, it is that they are highly adjustable according to preference. A certainly positive feature of these Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells is that they are developed with the use of solid iron. Presently, many adjustable dumbbell sets are created of plastic along with sand present in the weights. These features will damage pretty quick when the users would want to tighten the nut against the weights and the sand might start leaking out, leaving a mess the users simply do not want. These iron weights give an amazing robust outlook for the users.

Verdict: Overall after observation, these dumbbells are amazing for working out at home. The users can make the weight precisely according to the user's needs, it will just cost the user some money just once (instead of paying monthly for membership), the user can choose the weight package that fits them the best – both now and in the future, plus the users will have good quality iron equipment. Through research, it is evident that the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells are the perfect product available in the market if the user is trying to build a dream body back at home much more effectively.


1. Adjustable for the users
2. Robust look
3. Budget-friendly.


1. The user has to adjust the weight on their own
2. Cumbersome to store the dumbbells.

Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbells

The good feature about the Weider Speed Weight dumbbells is that they can be stored just about anywhere for convenience. They have a small stand attached that the user can easily slide into a corner or under a couch or any chair. The chrome plated steel weights that come along with this set are effectively sturdy and durable for a good period of time. These dumbbells are appropriate for beginners and intermediate lifters as they can adjust the weight in increments of 5 pounds according to the needs of the user.

Verdict: Overall, these seem to be perfectly reliable and durable dumbbells. These dumbbells would be more ideal for beginner weightlifters than advanced weightlifters because they can only load up to 25 pounds per handle.


1. Durable, stainless steel chrome-plated weights
2. Comfortable ergonomically designed handle
3. Weight increments that adjust in 5-pound increments, which are appropriate for beginner weight lifters
4. Budget-friendly


1. Plates mostly hit together which creates a lot of noise
2. The weights can be difficult to get into the holder to adjust for the user

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

There are particular factors that a user can follow in order to ensure that they are choosing the best dumbbell for themselves. Take a look at these advantages:

Various dumbbells out in the market can get worn out when used regularly. That is mainly because they are being used with heavy weights mostly at all times.

When it arrives at choosing the best adjustable dumbbell for a users bodybuilding exercises, they should never settle for any low-quality brand. Every user should remember that they are going to use the same dumbbell for nearly all their exercise needs. So, they should choose their dumbbell very carefully.

A user cannot overlook the importance of design and style when choosing their adjustable dumbbell. A dumbbell with a great design and style can help a user to motivate them to exercise more, and it will also boost their overall performance. Stylish dumbbells also look cool and elegant when users store it in their room. Thus, it can also help to improve the aesthetic of any personal fitness center.

Why do we need Spin Bikes?

Following points list out the essentials of having adjustable dumbbells with the users:

1. Adjustable dumbbells act as any user’s one-stop shop for weight training equipment. By investing good money in adjustable dumbbells, a user can save large amounts of space as well as tons of money.
2. They provide a wide range of exercises that a particular user can incorporate.
3. They are very convenient to use.
4. They provide the users with the vital support and growth which is very mandatory for the overall development of any user.

Who should use Spin Bikes?

  • A user intending to start workout back home
  • A user intending to start to work out at the workplace
  • Beginners
  • Advanced practitioners
  • Gym instructors starting a business with less budget
  • Gym personnel’s with less space for workouts

The Final Verdict: Users hoping to acquire the best out of their quality preparing can do as such as with any of these abovementioned top of the line dumbbells. They all provide endless highlights and enable any person to profit extraordinarily by making use of them. There are many advantages to having one’s own equipment at a home rec center. Furthermore, there are various medical advantages a user will get from working out regularly. Regardless of which adjustable dumbbell a user selects, anything is possible for the user in the long run. What a user can accomplish once they buy, will rely definitely upon their responsibility and drive. These top of the line adjustable dumbbells are one of those essentials that can make a user ready for their wellness and significance in the standard of living.

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